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Testimonial Photos
" C and I got married in 2022 at the Baptist Church. Thank you all. Actually, it is not easy."
" Years of singleness do not mean that God has forgotten us, but He is working as always.
"Hi, Faithtodate, I want to share with you some good news. I proposed to Sister I at Cyberport. Thank you."</
"As time goes by, being single may make people easily discouraged, we still need to believe that God will have His arrangement."
" Thanks for attending our wedding. Without your great platform, I wouldn't have had a chance to witness such great wife. "
" I had never used a matchmaking platform before because I was afraid of meeting a bunch of strangers. "
" Due to the nature of my work and church life, I rarely have the opportunity to meet opposite sex of the same age ... "
" We are willing to plan for the future life and felt very happy and grateful for this platform to meet the other half of my life. " 
" Past experiences made me question myself whether I am not of high quality and therefore unable to find my soulmate... "
"I am very grateful for the help of different staff at FaithToDate."
" Hi, FaithToDate..K... and I will get married on 18/1 this year, welcome to our wedding "
" Restrictions from work and social circles may also discourage boys from entering into a relationship. "
" I have always longed to find a Christian partner, but there are no suitable people around me ... "
" C and I are engaged. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to get to know each other through this platform. "
" Does God want me to be single in this life? Am I not good enough?... When I was about to let go, I met "her"... "
" I have also met people from free dating apps, but many times the information and pictures provided is not real ... "
" C and I… got married in October! The wedding was held smoothly, and we all felt the guidance of the Heavenly Father "
" When I mustered the courage to express my feelings to this person, I succeeded this time! "
" When I first started dating girls, I experienced a lot of failures and losses even planned to suspend the dating service. " 
" Thank you for your platform so that I was able to meet sister W. We are getting married in Nov... will formally invite you. "
“I believe that everyone should try not to resist from the beginning. The most important thing is to pray; God will arrange the best for you…”
" it is important to trust each other and share real thoughts without putting a mask on to create an image pleasing your partner... "
" For me, marriage is to have someone to serve God together... I prefer a guy at least with similar solid faith foundation as me " 
" I am grateful to the colleagues for their thoughtful follow-up on my situation, which made the dating process quite smooth. "
“I encourage single brothers and sisters: take the first step and don’t give up.”
" Thank you for the platform to let us know each other.  Hope the next opportunity appears to you. "
" During the matching process, it provoked me to reflect on my requirements for ideal partners and helped me to fine tune it... "
" During my injury, he accompanied me to see the doctor and helped me through the difficult times in life... "
“Hello FaithtoDate, We sincerely invite you to attend the ceremony in the afternoon and the banquet in the evening. ”
“ He was there with me during the time I was experiencing the ups and downs which deeply moved me.”
" It was our first time to try Christian matchmaking and we had many first-time while participating in FaithtoDate... "
" There are fewer and fewer suitable and single girls in the church. But I’m glad I successfully found "my one"! "
" After changing my mindset about dating, I felt more relaxed. I thought when the time came, it would naturally happen… "
" Thank the Lord, I believe God has preserved our relationship...Thank you for your help, I had a smooth date yesterday. "
" We would like to inform you that we are engaged! We are having our wedding next October (church and banquet) "
" I confessed to him... Since we think alike, communicate comfortably, and both like each other. "
" I’m so grateful, I had persisted in asking her to hang out and keep in touch. And finally she was willing to be my girlfriend. "
" This is the token of love for me and Sister N.  I believe my previous failures also contributed to my success this time. "
" Thank you for spending time talking to me when I was at the trough of pursuing a partner. You encouraged me to start again! "
" I will not think about finding a partner so quickly as before and learn how to be independent and understand myself. "
" This is our first time dating. Thank you for your help! "
“I have been dating your company member, Sister R, for 3 months now… I want to thank your company and express gratitude for the opportunity that God has given me...”
“ I am officially in a relationship with Brother J, and we get along very well. Thank you all for helping us find each other. ” 
“ You previously introduced Sister W to me, and I am currently dating her. Thank you all, and thanks God. ”
" We are currently in a relationship. Thank you all for your assistance. Both of us believe that companionship is what truly touches the heart. "
" there are more men and fewer women in the workplace, it is more difficult to know the opposite sex... "

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