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Exclusive Date for 2

Exclusive Date for 2 is now open for registration!

FaithToDate Introduction

FaithToDate (Christian Singles Dating) promote a serious and respectful dating culture, treasure personal growth of singles. Welcome Hong Konger and overseas Asian Christians to register.

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Exclusive Date for 2

What is Exclusive Date for 2?

Exclusive Date for 2: Tailored two-person dating aligning backgrounds, personalities, and values. Ideal for Christian singles pursuing lasting relationships or marriage. Join us!

your social circle

long-lasting relationships

someone with similar values

safety &privacy

*Asian Christians abroad, register and visit our "Overseas Matching" page for details(click here)

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Optimized online dating service. Discover your compatible match

Procedures of Exclusive Date for 2

1) Simple online registration 2) Telephone consultation 3) Identity verification +
filtering and matching
4) Date and follow-up

1) Quick-and-easy Online Registration

Complete a form on the registration page (click here),and share some basic information about yourself and your expectations for your match.

2) Detailed Phone Consultation

Consultant will chat with you by phone to learn about your preferences and provide matching advice. We'll explain the process and answer any questions.

3) Careful filtering of suitable matches + identity verification

Design your profile for matching process, using our exclusive system and thorough checks. Upon mutual consent, our consultants will set up a date and verify both individuals' identities and backgrounds.

4) Safe-and-casual Date with Follow-ups

We'll consider both parties' budget, time, and preferences to select a date venue. Just relax and attend, and we'll offer follow-up advice to enhance your success

Overseas Asian: Dating Arrangements (Non-Hong Kong Residents)

For more information, refer to the “Overseas Matching” page (click here)

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Know more about Exclusive Date for 2:
Telegram ID: faith223
WhatsApp: 9611 9645
LINE ID: faith338 / WeChat: faith2238

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Easy Dating Process
learn from Susan and Jay's story
(adapted from a real case)


Advantages of Exclusive Date for 2

(1 on 1 Matching Service)

Dating Apps
speed dating
Exclusive Date for 2

Matches' Identity

Nil Nil We manually verifying members' identity
(securer and safer date)
Filtering &Matching Self-filtering by participants participants need to ask themselves

Our system refines matches with consultation.
(Know your partners before the meet)

Privacy Information are open to the public and easily abusable Need to attend public events. Mostly suitable for extroverted, sociable people Your information is shared only with consent.
(privacy protected)
How serious about finding a partner No barriers to filter out. May have improper intention Unpredictable due to low barrier Our members seek lasting and committed relationships.
(serious relationships)

Personal Consultation

Nil Nil

Get personal advice and extra services
(Attentive follow-up)

Duration of First Meet-up Not specified Less than 10 minutes From one hour or more
(in-depth understanding at first sight)
Success Rate of a Date Low Unpredictable, depends on participants' activeness Service is targeted and high-standard
(Dating success rate increases)

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Success Stories /

Testimony of Life Growth

Share your success stories with us via info@faithtodate.org and receive a small gift of appreciation for published story.

Two are better than one, because they have a good return for their labor: If either of them falls down, one can help the other up... (Ecclesiastes 4:9,10)

"I work in the field of social work, where there are more female than male. I am grateful to have met my husband here at FaithToDate which is a safe platform, and I hope it could continue to help and bless more people." Kay, Social Worker (married)

"I've dated a few times but failed. I hesitated to attend public dating events due to my work, and am glad to have this customized service for Christian. I am now engaged!" Jonathan, Doctor (engaged)

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