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“Love & Game” Party

The founder cum executive director of Play Infinity put games into an exceptional pre-valentine party, made it a joyful one for brothers and sisters to be ready for true love.

“Feel The Beat” Fitness & Dinner

Love seekers could also be sports fanatics too. We held a pre-dinner exercise session hosted by a certified fitness instructor, for sportsman and sportswoman to find each other.

“Board Game & You” Tea Gathering

Games are always a source of fun. The board games for all ages provided the participants with a chill-out and interesting atmosphere, where the ice was broken amidst the unstoppable laughter.

“Not a Lonely Christmas” Party

Food, games, laughter, and the joy of celebrating the birth of Jesus, granted our brothers and sisters a Christmas without loneliness.

“A New Year of Blessing” Sharing Party

Stayed together at the beginning of a new year, to greet and share with each other in the love of the Lord, and to discover each other with God’s guidance.

“Be a Goddess” Styling Workshop

Girls will always doll themselves up for their Mr. Right. Hosted by a professional stylist, the workshop provided our sisters with guidance in facial treatment, make-up, dress-up, and styling to prepare them for a date. All sisters became beautiful inside and out with self-confidence enhanced.

“Sweet & Raging” Autumn BBQ Gathering

Sitting around a fire is not only for getting warm, having a barbecue in autumn would be perfectly an alternative. In front of a raging fire, who still needs to break the ice?

“Board Game & You” Tea Gathering

Have a game and a cup of tea, in a relaxing afternoon with a group of friends. That's how he and she began their story.

“In Touch with Music” Mini Party

Have you ever thought of starting a conversation with music? If life is a series of musical movements, the chapter about him and her shall probably start with a note.

“Walk Together on Country Road” Day Trip

Put the troubles behind, and walk together into the countryside. Feel the grace in nature. Find love in the shadows.

“Be My Guest” Dinner Gathering

An indoor gathering is not only for a retreat, but also a surprise discovery between games and delicacy.

“Simply Raging” Easter BBQ Gathering

Let's be wild in the wild. With the raging fire in the perfect time and atmosphere, they enjoyed the beautiful scenery of nature. It was relaxing and made new friends.

“We Play, We Date” Board Game Party

In front of a table, sit next to him or her. You can find no opponents at all but a teammate, right next to you. You met friends who are smart and energetic.

“Something's Gonna Be Natural” Hiking Day

Let your heart move with your feet. Walking between mountains and rivers, the whole world is prepared for you two. You got to know some hiking enthusiasts in nature.

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